Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i used to be one of those girls who fell a lot. more than other people.
in high school, it usually occurred somewhere around the pool (way too many times off the swim block; trying to walk from the equipment closet to the pool with fins on; the epic time i went running to the bathroom right before a race, and i went sliding across fifteen feet of pool-juiced cement).

In college, I frequently fell down staircases and all sorts of uneven sidewalks. (One time, a girl in my ward admitted she thought I had a secret drinking problem because she saw me fall so much.)

But the last couple of years... I've been doing really well with the awkward moment section of my life. I've been slightly graceful... for the most part.

Shoot. The last two months have been a really entertaining string of humiliation. HUMILIATION. and awkwardness. It's fine. It's fine.

My boss told me today that life is just awkward. She said, "What can we do?"

Thank you. Thank you. To everyone who still loves me despite the fact that sometimes I completely fall apart... i really really really appreciate it.


  1. Secret drinking problem? I'm glad she didn't know me. She would have thought I was a raging lush.

  2. I secretly loved the fact that you fell so often. (as long as you didn't hurt yourself of course.) It was just a fun little quirk about you. Loved it.

  3. We love those who give us a good laugh ;)

    Emily, I love you more because you fall apart. And even though I've actually never SEEN you fall apart, I love you more knowing that you do.

  4. She falls apart; her footing cannot hold.
    Dear Emily is loosed upon the world.


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