Tuesday, September 14, 2010


One time a friend told me about this time she did something very stupid, slightly immature, and a little bit mean. It really didn't seem like a big deal to me. Just a funny story. (Sometimes we make mistakes.) But she was really sad about it. She felt really bad. And because of the nature of the event... she couldn't just call up and apologize. It was one of those situations where nothing can be done but to never repeat the mistake.

Later, she told me that every time she started feeling bad about what happened, she'd pray for the woman she worried she'd hurt. She told me she prayed this woman would find the best produce at the store, that she wouldn't ever lose her keys, that she'd have beautiful afternoons, and that she could have a baby whenever she wanted one.

My friend said it helped her.

Sometimes when I'm feeling sad because I just can't explain myself, I wonder if that idea also works for explanations: No, I'll never be able to explain that I stopped by because a pizza delivery boy told me your dad died-- Someone else was there, and you looked happy and not sad at all-- But maybe the next time you hit 20 green lights in a row when you're really in a hurry, or the next time you find really great sweet potatoes on sale, or the next time you find your keys, you'll suddenly know that when I said, "Who would I call to fix a garbage disposal?" I really meant: "Please please please please forgive me for interrupting your life. You're just my friend and I wanted to make sure you were alright."


  1. Perfect! I totally needed that. I love the resolve. I am going to do that. You are awesome!!!

  2. Sweet potatoes are always really great, and always on sale. I mean, relative to the amount of nutrition and flavor in them, and how easy they are to prepare, and how practically the entire weight is edible -- compare them to any vegetable in a can or a freezer bag, and just try and tell me that they're not on sale.

    And now it turns out that this is your doing! Thanks.


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