Saturday, September 11, 2010

On the art of making lovely comments:

Also because I was lying through my teeth when I said I could let June rest in peace:
"June is a fine excuse for this, too. All those fruits and vegetables appearing, it'd be ruinous to fancy them up too much. Plenty of fresh produce, some good bread with butter, a cup of yogurt or maybe a few bites of Gouda cheese for a side, lemonade to drink ... I won't tell if you decide to get your daily protein from hot dogs now and again. Dishes not too elaborately prepared, menus not too carefully themed. It's June, you know. Ooh! Tabbouleh salad! Some grain (soaked bulgur wheat or cooked brown rice), plenty of diced tomato and cucumber, some chopped onion, lots and lots of snipped mint and parsley, a serious wallop of lemon juice and a lesser wallop of olive oil. Little bit of cracked pepper maybe. Mmmm, tabbouleh. Now that's a summer food." --my friend nate.

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