Wednesday, September 29, 2010

on the art of lovely bus rides

When I get on the bus, I'll be carrying about 5 different things.

Spend a few minutes staring at me while I look at my shoes. Then, ask me if i'm working on a craft project. Even though I hate the word craft, I'll say "yes".

Then, tell me about how your classes are really hard. Tell me you got a D minus, and say that you're happy you didn't fail. Remind me that tests are a learning process too. It's okay. Tell me how hard it is to remember all the terminology. Ask me if I ever took Biology. I'll remember the graph of the plant cell in my head. I won't remember the names either (smooth endoplasmic reticulum, chloroplast, mitochondria), but I'll remember loving them. I'll just say, It's been a really long time.

When I try looking down at my shoes again, tell me that before I got on the bus you were thinking about atoms. Tell me you were thinking about how the bus is like an atom--with things moving in and out, and you were feeling like such a lonely electron.

I'll love it.


  1. hahahah! Delightful. No lonely electrons allowed.

  2. hahahah! Delightful. No lonely electrons allowed.


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