Wednesday, September 8, 2010


He talked about the cabin back when summer was just starting. I can't even remember when. And I don't know what I imagined, except it included heavy logs. Navajo rugs. Maybe antlers on the wall.

He said, bring some girls, I'm bringing some guys.
He said they'd make us dinner.
He told me to bring the stuff for s'mores.

We waited for twenty minutes at the gate with the rain pouring down. Then we wound up the hill, trees on the both sides, to the oldest cabin I've ever seen.

There were flat beautiful rugs on the old old old hardwood floors. There were benches with cushions. There were antique photographs on the walls.

We watched the rain from a screened in porch. We sat in all of the rocking chairs. (The rain was so loud, it took us hours to hear the creek down the hill).

He barbequed outside in the rain--with a coat over his head--while we stood in the kitchen and cut the tomatoes and pickles.

We played funny games and ate starbursts for dessert.

And what I can't forget: the old photographs on the wall. Black and White. One of a girl in a satin dress surrounded by her brothers.


  1. I can't believe you thought we would be antler people.

  2. I thought all cabins included antlers. Thank you for a proper education.


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