Monday, September 27, 2010

Arrive early and help me dig the brownies out of of the cupcake pan. When everyone else arrives, take a seat under the pineapple lights.

After everyone leaves, stay and wash the dishes. I'll change the lightbulbs in the kitchen chandelier. When you accuse me of being one of those girls who can't sit still, I'll tell you my dad always said I shouldn't watch people work.

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  1. So, once upon a time, my brother was married. His wife Joy came from Redlands, California. And one Thanksgiving, he and she drove down there, with her sister and me, to enjoy the holiday with her family. My roommate Albert also rode with us, waiting in their house for an hour or so until his nearby brother could come and get him.

    Joy didn't mind when her dad sent her husband to do some chores. She squirmed a little when he asked me to do some, too. But when he said, "In this house, everybody works," and assigned Albert to patch a hole in the dining room wall, she'd have died of embarrassment, except then her dad would probably have asked him to help dig the grave too.

    Albert didn't mind. I think he was raised by the same kind of dad as you.


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