Thursday, August 26, 2010

the red-letter number

This is the number you don't put into your phone because you don't want to get your hopes up.
Or maybe you broke up, and you don't want to know how to call him anymore.

...but sometimes you're really good at memorizing numbers on accident...

... so you can't help it if some minute of some random day, when you least expect it, your phone rings and your heart skips several festive beats because you know exactly who's on the other end of that lucky numerical arrangement.


  1. Why has it been so long since we've talked??!

  2. that is good news!

    I hope there is follow up to this story?

  3. Someone near and dear to me once dated a boy and then dated his friend. Their telephone numbers were one digit different. The first was sure confused when she texted him, "I am here," and he asked "where?" That's when the first boy found out his friend was dating his ex. If only she had remembered her red-letter number


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