Monday, August 16, 2010


No, I didn't see the meteor shower even though I promised myself last year that I wouldn't forget about it. Q said there'd be some stragglers. I was doubtful, but my friend Nate said, it's a widely spread out shower. He told me I had a good chance for seeing at least a few.

O. splendid and I went up the canyon at the very last minute. We should have gone home. We should have brushed our teeth, I should have put sheets on my bed, she should have been reading some book.

But instead, I turned up the music and we drove past our neighborhoods and up past the little diner. Past all the houses that are old and run-down and beautiful.

At first we were going to be lazy and just look out the open car window. But who can really do that when you're at the top of a mountain?

We got out, and right there in our faces was a shooting star. It streaked across the sky for so long, you could have made two wishes. I was too amazed to think at all.

I didn't make a wish.
But don't worry, I won't forget next year.


  1. Thank you for writing this down. And so beautifully, I might add.

  2. Whale spouts AND a shooting star? That is awesome!

  3. Love that song. Been listening to it all day... LOVE YOU!


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