Sunday, August 22, 2010

a dream

i'm missing my parents today. they live in a white house across the street from a white horse with freckles.

these are the sunflowers my dad planted. i took this picture in july, but they were still blooming when i visited earlier this month. i love my dad for planting things. there's something very safe and kind about a man who cares enough to make sure his flowers get enough water.

if i were in my parents' house right now, i'd be setting the dining room table. i'd put out the silver even though i hate washing it afterwards. my mom always makes us eat dinner together, andit's saved my life over and over.


  1. ha i love the first line of this. brought a big grin across my face.


  2. it's posts like this that make me secretly wish i was from your town/house.


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