Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Summer:

I’m unprepared to admit that there are way too many leaves on my lawn and in my tomato gardens, but tonight as I walked to my car it was unavoidably Fall. I couldn’t ignore the halloween-tree smell anymore.

Summer is dead. And all the lazy lazy gorgeous afternoons (I had to wear a hoodie on my back porch the other day!).

Summer is dead, and O. Splendid is celebrating with all sorts of tasty breads. I’ll eat her delicious pumpkin-chocolate-chip gifts, and mourn as long as I want. 


I don’t have a Fall dream: back porch or front porch. Although, on the walk home from the bus this afternoon I envisioned all the afternoons stretching into winter when I’d be cold walking through parking lots and sidewalks and gutters up the hill to my house.

Summer wasn’t supposed to ever end.

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